Rock Town Music Video (Include Behind the Scene Video and Pictures)


Rock Town Music Video (Include Behind the Scene Video and Pictures)

發表 由 randyche 于 2010-04-14, 9:26 pm

Have not posted anything herre for a while, but here is the Music Video I've shot in Northern Ontario Canada, it is a very fun shoot, and we get a lots of cool shots. Most importantly we can a helicopter for free, hope you guys like it.

Here is the Video

Making of Video

Behind the Scene Pictures

Going into the mine shaft

Me hanging outside of a helicopter

My very dedicated Camera Assistant

Another notes, after close to 10 years working and living in Canada, I am moving back to Taiwan due to family reason (My wife moves back so what can I say). I'll be filmming my first Chinese feature film this coming August, if anyone is interested in hiring me for any Music Video, Commercial, short or feature film projects please feel free to contact me at anytime. I'll be in Taiwan in early May, and I can be reached at

Looking forward to start a new chapter of my life and career in Asia.

R. Che
Image Flare Films
Canada - 604.505.2588
Taiwan - (02)2707.6383


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